Pesto Spaghetti with Spinach and Zucchini

Number of Servings: 2


- 120g whole wheat spaghetti

- 140g fresh spinach

- 480g zucchini

- ½tbsp olive oil

- 1tsp soy sauce

- 95g pesto

1. Wash and drain spinach. Set aside.

2. Cook spaghetti according to package instructions.

3. Meanwhile, wash, slice and then halve zucchini. Add oil to the frying pan and cook zucchini for 7 minutes. Season with soy sauce.

4. Pour cook spaghetti into a strainer or colander. Immediately pour spinach into the dry hot pot used to cook spaghetti, and pour hot spaghetti back into the pot over spinach. Also pour in the hot, cooked zucchini. Stir for 1 minute or until spinach is roughly cooked and wilts.

5. Finally, add pesto to the pot and stir until everything is well tossed.

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