Congee with Sweetcorn and Ham

Number of Servings: 2


- 120ml rice (white rice only; or a combination of white rice, brown rice, and dried millet)

- 160g sweetcorn

- 120g ham, diced

- 1200ml water

- 1/4tsp salt, or 1 cube of chicken stock

- 1tsp sesame oil

- ground black pepper to taste

1. Wash rice and have it soaked in water in a saucepan for 30 minutes (up to 2 hours if brown rice is also used).

2. Heat the pan over medium high heat to bring to boil. Add sweetcorn, sesame oil, and salt. Cook partly covered over medium low heat for 40 minutes. Stir 2-3 times.

3. Stir in ham 3 minutes before switching off the fire. 

4. Add ground black pepper to taste. Enjoy!

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